About Kara


I took my first step into the birth world in February 2010 by attending a 4-day intensive doula training workshop with a midwife in Western Massachusetts. I knew that I wanted to be a midwife, and so I felt that a doula training would be a great starting place. After attending quite a few doula births, my passion for supporting women in childbirth grew deeper as my interest in the clinical side of the process unfolded further. I began my first midwifery apprenticeship in August 2012, which solidified my path to become a home birth midwife. From May 2013 to September 2015, I apprenticed with another busy Boston-area home birth practice, where I progressed to become a Primary Midwife Under Supervision. In this role, I oversaw the care of clients as a primary provider for the entirety of their pregnancy, birth, and first 6 weeks postpartum. In addition to training with two home birth practices, a gynecologic care practice, and a women’s health clinic in Maine, I’ve also completed a 3-year nationally accredited midwifery program that specializes in educating and training midwives to practice in out-of-hospital settings. I obtained the credential of “Certified Professional Midwife” (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) in the fall of 2016.

As a birth attendant, I stand at the intersection between modernity & tradition–

My philosophy and approach are grounded in the tradition of woman-centered & woman-supported childbirth. 

My experience and training have prepared me to navigate the modern maternity care system, and to identify when medical technology & expertise is needed.

I believe in…

the inherent power of women’s bodies
safeguarding a woman’s birth experience as a natural, physiologic event
evidence-based care and the judicious use of technology and medical intervention
deconstructing the perception of pregnancy as a pathological condition; demedicalizing the birth experience
validating home birth as a safe option for low-risk women; breaking down barriers to out-of-hospital midwifery care
empowering women and families to make choices in pregnancy, labor, and birth that give their babies the best start possible
providing support and care that honors the holistic nature of the childbearing year


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